Urur Siyaasadeed cusub oo ka hawl gali Doona dhulka Soomaali galbeed oo lagu dhawaaqay

The Somali Regional Democratic Alliance
Street: Avenue de Roi 211
C/O Mohammed Ahmed Hassen

From 18/12/2016 on is the party of the Somali Regional Democratic Alliance fully functional and engages independently its political struggle against the regime of Wayane-Tigray, nationally and internationally. It is the political party which represents the interest of the Somali nationals under the frame-work of the Ethiopian State and advocates nationally and internationally the desires of the people.

Part One

The Political Programme of the Somali region democratic alliance

1.0) A short historical overview
Why this Political Party
At the era of the European Colonisation and the partition of the European Powers in Berlin Conference 1888 the continent Africa, known as the “Scramble of Africa”, the Abyssinian Kingdom under Negus Menelik II took an active part at this partition, occupying the region of the Horn of Africa in alliance with European Powers. Therefore Menelik II had started on his side invading and occupying his neighbouring countries, like the Somali Region. Abyssinian has itself bargained with the European Colonial Powers, notably with United Kingdom, France and Italy by dividing the territories of the Somali People among themselves.
Between 1945 and 1955 Great Britain and France ceded to Haile Selassie known as Ogadenia, Haut and Reserve Area.

Since then the agony and the inhuman brutality of oppressions till this regime of the Tigray-Woyane never took an end, but every Regime that took power deals with the Somali population worth than the other.
Strong independent resistance with a genuine political programme and firm leadership with ability and credibility had never the oppressed Somali Nation in Ethiopia brought about.
The so called Liberation Fronts, like Western Somali Liberation Front, Al-Itihad, Ogaden National Liberation Front, they all luck of any political convocations, credibility, they were automatically alienated from the masses and were acting anonymously in nowhere, because: the luck of Intellectuals is one factor, luck of transmitting and communicating with the Somali masses who are mentally still sick under the Clan-Mania, and who are more than ever identifying itself is also an engraved second factor.
These two factors gave the Totalitarian Ethiopian Regimes to take an advantage of, in order to play the role of the absolute Master over the Somali nation, using the Machiavellian politics of Clan-Conflict incitement among the Somalis. Because of this silly kind of notion made the Somali population to linger so long under the colonial domination of the Ethiopia Authority.
The Ethiopian Authority had never regarded the Somali population as an Ethiopian Citizen. Thou it controls the vast land of the Somali proper under its dominium, the Somalis is in the Ethiopian societies a foreign body and the Ethiopians are by nature Somali-Xenophobic. Therefore any Ethiopian Regime on power marginalizes the Somali nation and pretends as thou it doesn’t exist. Where at the same time any Ethiopian power holder practises against the Somali population a none stop and continues of atrocities, intimidations, harassments, massacre, rape, plunder and confiscation, trying to expel their own land with military force.
On one side this notion puts the Somali population under the Ethiopian colonial domination an excellent position, because the Somali population is saved from the assimilation under the ideology of “Ethiopianism”.
In reality the fulfilment of the ideological-political context that is traced for the Ethiopians is impossible for the Somalis to identify with itself. The reason is, the Somalis can’t ever fulfil the criteria of the ideological doctrine of “Ethiopianism”, which is basically has resource subjected to the religion revelation of the Fethah-Negast und Kebra-Negast. Therefore in reality the Somali, who is not subjected and even never assimilated to this ideology, can neither theoretically nor practically, be an Ethiopian: To be such kind of Ethiopian one has to subject to take the roll of serving as “House-Niger” under the Abyssinian.
On the other side since the Abyssinian conducted itself on the fulfilment of the promises of the greater Ethiopia, which is an imperative order according to the teachings of the Fetha-Negast and Kebra-Negast to every Abyssinian who controls the power of Ethiopian. Therefore the Ethiopian Authorities, no matter who ever exercises the power of Ethiopia is the Somali a wretched element in Ethiopia, whom any regime wanted/wants getting rid of, no matter how, but all means is open to eradicate them.
The former Amhara power holders were frank to their hatred against the Somalis. Haile Selassie called the Somalis, “you are swine, and the swine is to be slaughter and to be eaten”. Mangestu Haile Mariam called the Somalis “Sarqo-Gaba”; meaning the thief who by deceitful means of act inter Ethiopia”.
But the Tigray power owner in comparison to its predecessors is innermost a cynical, who even mock itself.

1.1) The State of Ethiopia controlled by EPRDF/Tigray-Wayane Regime became a fail state
As the TPLF (EPRDF) toppled the notorious regime of the Dergue in 1991, and taking the power over, the Somali people hoped a new political breeze, that would perhaps bring them democracy, justice, freedom and equality.
The disastrous naiveties of the Somali people hoping about the drafted Charter (Nagerit Gazta) of 1991 by the EPRDF was a revolutionary manifesto that defends the Universal Human Rights, promotes democracy, justice and respect of the human dignity, was fatal. This expectation of the Somali people hoping that through this “new democratic revolution” is the solutions of solving their nationality issues through means of the democratic rights to self-determination, is only a nice decorated camouflage fraud and ended with a fatal deceptions; thou the essence of Charter describes itself as follows:
Article one of the Charters consists, or is the declaration of the Universal Human Rights of the United Nations.
Article Two says: “The right of nations, nationalities and peoples to self-determination is affirmed. To this end, each nation, nationality and people is guaranteed the right to:
a) Preserve its identity, and have it respected, promote its culture and history and use and develop its language;
b) Administer its own affairs within its owned defined territory and effectively participate in the central government on the basis of freedom and fair and proper representation;
c) Exercise its rights to self-determination of independence, when the concerned, nation, nationality and people are convinced that the above rights are denied, abridged or abrogated.
After the declaration of the “Charter” (Nagerit Gazet) the Somali People were expecting with the premises of getting a fair referendum to independence like Eritrea, but this Wish has been denied strictly by the EPRDF. The government of Ethiopia promised to the Somali People that the government will care in the future to safeguard and respect their human dignity and their democratic rights through justice and equality. The majority of the Somali People trusted and believed the promises of the Ethiopian government, and they have therefore made no objections about the propositions of the government.
After the EPRDF consolidated its power it has forwarded its first Mission of geographic demarcation, of which she called it the border limitations of the “disputed territories among the nations, nationalities and people”.
In 500 Regions (Kebeles), which the regime called those disputed territories between Oromo and die Somali Populations ended with a debacle. The federal government of Ethiopia’s orders was the solving of the so called dispute territories through means of “democratic referendum”; which was as such a farce form of democratic referendum. The outcome of the referendum spoke in favour of the Oromo. The federal government of Ethiopia recognised the 400 (Kebeles) Districts including cities calling them legally as the legitimate rights that belong to the Oromo people. Whereas 10 Kebeles went to the Somalis, though the majority of the population living in these regions are Somalis, the government has intendedly and blindly ignored. This has resulted in wide range of protests among the Somali population, because of the arbitrary incorrectness, mismanagements and manipulation of the elections, of which the government played a big role. Before the referendum took place the areas and the regions were already put under the control of the Oromo militia, and not under the supervision of the federal security forces. The Oromo themselves were in charge of the administrative procedures of the election and they were controlling over the Urn Stations.
The other astonishing and ridicules matter is the malicious decision of the Ethiopia Authority declaring the town of Dire Dawa, which is historically a Somali Town to be a Charter State. The government decided without the Will of the Somali people the future of the city of Dire Dawa will be under the administration venture of the both the Oromo and the Somali peoples. The Ethiopian government know exactly that the Oromo people have never had any form of essential basis whatsoever; historically, nor any identifications roots of social-cultural structures.
After 10 years came gain another territorial claims from the Afars people, with the hypothetical demands that “the Somali/Issa had forced us the vast land that once historically belonged to us”. The Ethiopian government itself has geared and generated this hypothetical demand of the Afar people.
In all the Region of the Somali territory there are the supposition speculations of which the foreign Oil Companies have assumed to have discovered in vast areas Oil, Gas and Water. In the so called Disputed Regions between the Afars and the Somali/Issa, which the government of Ethiopia blindly insists the Somali/issa people with an intended exodus and the unconditional subjugation to the historical facts (which is in fact an ahistorical hypothetic facts), is because of this speculation of being discovered natural resources. That’s why the government of Ethiopia is averting the Somali/Issa proposition, demanding, according to the legal terms of the Ethiopian Constitution, “the referendum”. That’s why the regime in Addis Ababa with a blinkered way of manners ignoring the Constitution and insisting that the territory as such, the way of course the “history proves”, is “legally belongs to the Afars”. Ironically the concern of the Ethiopian government is not the care of the Afar People, but its objective concern is only the gain of these precious natural resources.
The Afar, who has being geared by the Tigray power owners in Ethiopia, now started claiming and contesting that about 4 districts of the north-west in the so called the Somali Self-Autonomy of the Sity-Shinnelle region (Gadmaytu, Undofo, Aytaytu and its rural surrounding areas), historically used to be a part of the land of the Afar.
The military of Ethiopia and the Afar militia started to force them the Somali-Issa in this region to subject unconditional exodus to evacuate the region for the Afar, or you have to subject yourself under the statue of trust domination of the “Afar authority”. But the Somali-Issa called the government of Ethiopia to respect the Constitution and the rule of law; especially the article 48 of the constitution.
The Ethiopian Government has simply taken no consideration to Somali-Issa appeal. The Minister of Federal Dr. Shifera told the Somali-Issa delegation complaining against the injustice of the Ethiopian government, the constitution you reciting is just a piece of paper, so used it as a ”toilet paper”.
The intention of the Tigray was not to liberate and emancipate the long oppressed nationalities, nations and people of Ethiopia, but to replace the long oppressor, the Amahra. The draft of the constitution and the charter by the TPLF were intended Dionysius Opium to divert the oppressed peoples of Ethiopia from its intended colonial continues ambitions.
Not only that, the Tigray/Wayane regime has deceived all the Ethiopian peoples. Its intention was/is not a Nation of State Building, this show the way now its political intention became clear and obvious, why it disregards and doesn’t respect the rule of law. The Tigray/Wayane has only not developed itself an Enterprise run and managed by Nepotistic-Family, but its corruption commitments of lining its own pockets is a necked robbery of the Ethiopian wealth, which shows no style in comparison with Mafia. The Mafia has style; it respects its rules, shows loyalty to and doesn’t break it. With this notion is the Tigray/Wayne qualified itself in comparison with the Mafia as a primitive organised bandit.
Therefore the Ethiopian Nations have to understand and have to be aware that (they shouldn’t even pretend) they live in state governed by rule of law. The Ethiopian Nations are in a situation of a chaotic mess, which sooner or later the land of Ethiopia and its nations will lingered in an unimaginable abys, that will never have a return: It means the end of the Ethiopian Empire, with the loss of thousands of lives.
Part Two

1.0) Preamble

The Somali intellectuals, academics and other ordinary Somalis inside and outside the country have after a long, long time of being apathetic about the political and social situations towards their people became now aware, conscious und understood the agony of their oppressed people and what’s going on inside the country in general.
Being aware and conscious about the sustainable sufferings of the Somali people and such the Somali population as whole who practices such continuity of inhuman humiliations (discriminations, mutilation, intimidations, atrocities, hunger…) under the different authorities of the Ethiopian regimes, permitted the Somalis inside and outside the country to call for a popular political party which defends and advocates the democratic rights of their people to self-determination, including ab to succession: total break up from the state empire of Ethiopia.
The organisation will engage its work actively, functioning in different countries like: Europe, Nord America (Canada), USA and Australia. Its central siege bureau is in the meantime in Brussels/Belgium.
Its political objectivity is to search for a dialogue with all the Ethiopian opposition parties, by engaging to find common political grounds of forming a united democratic front, in order to save the country from this prevailing abys, destructions and chaos of which the EPRDF under the control of TPLF-Wayane intended and prepared for the country and its peoples.
The strategical intentions of the Wayane is to open a bloody-war of inter-ethnicities, an endless clashes between the Ethiopian ethnical groups
Therefore the party is open and ready to contribute its part to approach all constructive democratic solutions of solving the political and ethnical conflicts and confusions in the country.
The party and as such the Somali population under the authority of the Ethiopian regime will never accept and nor it will tolerate the archaic-chauvinistic complacent and arrogant attitudes of asserting superiority over others, no matter from which ethnical group, nor from any of their political national organs.
A the same time one of the political task of the party is to motivate and catalysis a common ground of political dialogue and discussions to all the Somali political organisations in Ethiopia, including ONLF (Ogaden National Liberation Front)

Part Three

1.0) “The Fundamental value of the Human dignity is sacred and untouchable. It is the obligation of the state not to destroy but to respect, defend and care”.

1) The party has therefore the obligations of adopting unconditionally the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations Charter, adopted and proclaimed 10 December 1948 in the resolution 217 A (III) by the General Assembly:
2) The commitment of the party is to strive and to take political struggle for justice, equality and peace in the world and in the country.
3) The Somali Regional Democratic Alliance is a party that strives for the absolute popular democracy and social justice of the people. Its political outline is based on social and asserts for social equal chance for all citizens: male-female, old-young and especially it gives a big attention and priorities to the handicap people.
4) The party strives for a peaceful coexistence of living together with all Ethiopian nationalities, nations and people, and will fully support any nation, nationality and people demanding its democratic sovereignty; the right for self-determination.
5) The party will engage itself to find political solutions of reconciliation among the Ethiopian peoples: the atmosphere of enmity, mistrust, hatred and as such the political crises in the region of Horn of Africa which are generated by the Abyssinian regimes on power.
6) The party will engage to solve the Inter-National boundary problems that the present Ethiopian regime and its predecessors arbitrary created among the nations, nationalities and people of Ethiopia; by opening wider spectrum of political dialogue, understandings and especially taking into full considerations by respecting the democratic will and wishes of the concerned people in the so called disputed regions.
7) The party will engage to stop any destructive polemics that inflates a conflict among the nations, nationalities and people, but on the other side will never backup any hard and fair intellectual discussions and constructive political discourses, that promotes reconciliations and trust.
8) The party engages itself to recall the attention of every individual in the society as well as the ruling organ to commit themselves unconditionally the basic rights of the rule of law.
9) Every individual in the society has the rights to develop him-or herself, so long he/she doesn’t violate the rights of the others.
10) Every Human being, no matter what ethnic, nationality, race or religion is to be treated before the law equal; every individual has equal rights before the law. The Law will and muse not marginalize or discriminate no one
11) Every Human has the right of living, the life and the body of every individual must not be harmed or damaged neither be individuals nor by the state security.
12) Man and woman are treated equal, and they must have equal rights in every domain.
13) No-one shall not be discriminated because of his/her descent, race, language, backgrounds, believes and political opinion. No one shall not be Favoured vis a vis of the others. And nobody shall not be discriminated of his/her handicap.
14) Freedom of religion exercise shall not be harmed, and the state has to protect and support.
15) Radicalism of any kind that harms the dignity of the human rights will never be tolerated.
16) The party will fight such kind of radicalism through political, religious educations and agitations. It will also forward political enlightens and clarifications in all the state institutions, mosque, churches, schools, media, cultural centres. It will engage itself through educational and cultural developments to promote and to raise up the political consciousness of the society by raising up the intellectual capacity of every national individuals. These educations is intended to open up horizontal diversities knowledge of thinking that give every individuals spiritual strength: the human spirit of which the individuals are not easily manipulated with cheap rhetoric populism, and radical religious trivial subjectivism …
17) Culture, Art, Scientific and education development is the free will of every citizen and the state has to support financially.
18) Family will always stay under the state protection.
19) Care and education of the child is the responsibility of the parents and the state. If they financially cannot afford the education of the child, it is then the duty of the state to study the case, and if there is the necessity to support them. If is proven that the parents are neglecting the child the state has to take the care of the child, till he/she/ is on the major age and is able to take him-/herself.
20) The whole education system has to be under the control of the state.
21) Every citizen has the right of education, vocational education and the right of work.
22) Every citizen has the right of free political expressions in writing and word; so long it doesn’t harm the feelings of others.

Part Four Politics

1.0) Building up a new Ethiopia on the consensus of Democracy, Equality and Justice through radical democratic federalism (Canton-System); would it be possible?
The Abyssinian autocratic regimes have never recognised the richness of the cultural resources that the nationalities and peoples of this country possess. These regimes from Menelik II till the present regime of Tigray-Wayne were/are characterised with the political chauvinistic trends of assimilating through means of force to all none Abyssinian nations, nationalities and peoples in their cultural-traditional norm and langue. With this archaic political notion of which these Ethiopian regimes as the unique political and philosophical system constructed, build it up an iron wall among the nations in this country and developed an atmosphere of mistrust and enmity. This has catalysed the ongoing present inter-ethnical-conflicts and wars among the nations, nationalities and peoples inside the country of Ethiopia.
These regimes have infected incurable virus in the peoples and nations of this country; a sickness of hatred, mistrust, fear and anxiety which is and which will be very difficult to find a remedy of curing it in the coming generations.
A state which its political system function on the basis of mistrust, chauvinism and the primitive form of Machiavellism is affected with durable social and political instability throughout its existence (at end the collapse-down of the state. And this kind of political structural form makes impossible for any economic and social developments in country: resulting an enduring underdevelopment, hunger, misery, wars, exodus…
All these mischievous of political intended errors and political misbehaviours of the power owners were/are practicing is what at present in the actual political scenario of the State of Ethiopia taking place.
The Somali Regional Democratic Alliance will never give up, though the agony and the crime that these regimes committing against the Somali people: mutilating millions of Somali lives, plundering, confiscating the property of the people, rapping… became the habitual political philosophy of the regime in order to break-down the consciousness of the peoples’ struggle for liberty and democracy; with such arbitral intimidations through the force of military measurements.
Even though its hard and painful for the Somali nation for the dark and bloodiest history it practices among the existing Ethiopian regimes, present or past, but the Somali people according to its ethical-values is not a kind of people who waits for vengeance: the Somali people knows the reconciliation and forgiveness, but don’t like to forget the mistreatments and the injustice that has being committed against it.

1.1) The Somali Regional Democratic Alliance is ready and will engage to work with all Democratic Oppositions Parties of Ethiopia, in order to trace up together a new path for Ethiopia. This can happen when all the different opposition parties are willing a new political change in Ethiopia, that can toppled down this fail state of the Tigray/Wayne regime conducting at present on the power of the country.
1.2) The Somali people will never tolerate and accept any paternalism, tutelage and dictation of the Ethiopians no matter which ethnical group usurps the power of the country again.
1.3) Any political round-table with open and transparent discussions must not the Somali representatives fail. It is an inconvenient approach to ignore the participation of the Somali representatives in any decisions making conference, and it ought as a partner with an equal eye level deal the matters concerning Ethiopia and specifically to put in the agenda the interest of the Somali people.
1.4) If such kind of political attitudes happen, by disclosing the Somali representatives arbitrary out of the political decisions, then the Somali national in Ethiopia is obliged to succeed from the rest of Ethiopia, and is forced to form unilaterally its own independent state.

1.1) Functions of the Legal organs:
1.1.1) the legislation is the control organ that implements the power under the current law, ratifies and implements new laws, with consent and consultation of the people, when necessary through referendum.
1.1.2) the minister of justice, the high court of justice and the consumer protection centre are the administrative organs of the Constitution, but above all, the people is the final decision maker in legal terms as well as policy making issues; through referendum.
Responsible for this Charter is the Somali Regional Democratic Alliance:
By the time this Charter is released in all Medias, this political party has the competence of political legitimations representing and advocating the interest of the Somali Nationals in Ethiopia, nationally and internationally.
Any information, clarification concerning about the party of the Somali Regional Democratic Alliance, you need to contact:
Mohammed Ahmed Hassen
Street: Avenue de Roi 211
C/O Mohammed Ahmed Hassen
Tel: 003225385833
E-mail: amizak@hotmail.fr