The Resolutions of the SRDA

(The Bristol Declaration-29/04/2017)


On the 29/04/2017 the congress of the Somali Regional Democratic Alliance that took place in Bristol/ United Kingdom has released the following Resolutions and Declarations:

  • Understanding the crucial and the dangerous political situations that the country of Ethiopia under the Regime of the Wayane-Tigray undergoing,
  • Acknowledging that the Rule of Law of the State in Ethiopia is falling apart and finding itself at the edge of the total collapse,
  • Trying to survive is obliged the Regime of the Wayane-Tigray to gear and catalyze intentionally an Inter-Ethnical-Conflicts and Wars among the Ethiopian Nationals.

Comprehending this dangerous political maneuvers which inflates not only national and state wide chaos, but ethnical cleansing, is obliged the SRDA to take following political measures:

  1. It appeals to all the Ethiopian Nationals to be cautious and intelligent enough not to fall down the primitive traps of the Wayane-Tigray’s Machiavelli kind of politics.
  2. It demands and appeals to the Somali and Oromo Nationals to stop any unfortunate confrontations which is harming our two peoples that the regime is imposing the “two Kilil Presidents”, who are the servants of the existing system to create an unpredictable of mass-killings and a total chaos.
  3. It also demands and appeals the Afar and the Somali nationals to stop the unwanted conflicts that the Regime created among them, and solve the problems with peaceful manners and according to the traditional values you possess.
  4.   The SRDA demands from the two nationals create the harmony of understanding and cooperation instead of misunderstanding and confrontation.
  5. It appeals to the Somali nationals under the domination of Ethiopia, the time of this regime is over, therefore;
  • Defend with any means your national dignity and your national borders, and avoid any conflict or confrontations with our neighboring nations.
  • Prepare yourselves together with the Ethiopian Nationals for the new change, and the rebuild for a new Ethiopia.
  1. It adheres and demands all the Ethiopian opposition forces to come together into an open discussion for “Save Ethiopia”, and trace a new feature for the country and people.
  2. It demands the respect for the democratic rights for Self-Determinations
  3. It appeals to the International Community, the Donators, the Big-Powers, the International Human Right Organizations to send true finding commissions to Ethiopia, to estimate the daily massacres, the detainees, the missed peoples…
  4. It demands the Foreign Powers and the Donators to stop any financial and military assistants to the Ethiopian regime on power.
  5. it condemns and demands the regime to release unconditionally all the political detainees in Ethiopia.
  6. It condemns the intentioned genocide against the Somalis especially in Region of Sitti “Shiinile” (Hardin,  Muli, Bio-Kulul) and also the rest of Somali region like ( Djama Dubad, Shilabo, Dhagahbour, Nogob, Liban…)
  7. It condemns firmly the genocides against the Somali,Oromos, Amharas, Sidamas, Gambela, Afars,and Beneshangul…


Released and is responsible by the first congress of the Somali Regional Democratic Alliance (Bristol/UK-29/04/2017)




Chairman of S.R.D.A             


  Dr.Zakaria Ahmed