Bayaan Af Ingriis ku Qoran uu soo Saaray Urur Siyaasadeedka

The Political Situation in Ethiopia and the future Issue of the Somali Nation under the Ethiopian Authority:
The resign of the Ethiopian Prime Minster, Hailemariam Desalegn, and the nomination of a new Prime Minster by the TPLF/EPRDF, will it make, or bring any changes? Since over a century reigns in the existing social and political realities in Ethiopia the same Autocratic or Plutocratic hegemonial Rule of the Abyssinian oligarchy; with the same Ideological methods; based on Oppressions, Intimidations and collective Punishments. After toppling the old Regime of the Derg, the Wayane- Tigrey (TPLF), who is on power for 27 Years, didn’t back-up from the old system and has exacerbated the political atmosphere of the country, more than its previous regimes, ever.
Would it make any changes for the Somali People, who has suffered and is suffering under hard burden of oppressions, more than a century, and still lives in an unbearable and inhuman burden of oppressions and humiliations?
We should like, at this stage on behalf of the Somali Regional Democratic Alliance firmly convey our humble and gratitude to the People of Oromia and to the Amhara People for their long peaceful struggle that brought down the notorious totalitarian Regime of the Wayane Tigrey and its puppets; but still intact, some way or another functioning on the stage of the political management. But the Somali Regional Democratic Alliance says: from the bottom of the heart “Thanks to the People of Oromia and the Amhara People!
Yes, there will be a political reform in Ethiopia, which is generated by foreign powers, who are dictating and forcing the regime on power to make a slight change: power shift.
The shift of power as a political reform or as a political change, is for those who doesn’t want the reign that existed and still existing more than a century to disappear out of the scene; for ever, instead holds firmly the existing political Status-Quo of Ethiopianism, as the last eschatological solution. But this doesn’t answer the demand of the protesting masses for a total emancipation, which means the end of the existing political System of which EPRDF represents as the apostle on earth.
The Ideological System of Ethiopianism, which all the predecessors Regimes in Ethiopia used as political instrument, to dominate and to oppress the none Abyssinians Nationals in Ethiopia, became the diachronic problems to the livelihood and the identity of most Nationals in Ethiopia.
The Regime of TPLF (Tigrey Liberation Front) as a forefront of the EPRDF-Coalition, which rules the country in the last 27 Years became not only a fail state but exploited and robed the wealth of the

country for its own benefits, at the same time it created negative contradictions, and enmity among the ethnical groups, which causes a tragedy of bloodshed and displacements.
Through the Peace-Revolutionary Movements of the Oromo People has forced the Prime-Minster to resign, because he lost the objective orientation; he found himself standing between the reality on the ground, versus from the reality alienated and the unconsciousness of the the Wayne-Tigrey, who stubbornly clinging the power, who is at the same time the main core who dictates every political move the Prime-Minster makes.
The question to raise is, no matter who becomes among the EPRDF the new Prime-Minster; either let it be from the Oromo Nationals, or Tigrey, or the Amhara Ethnical Groups, could this Power-Shift make any changes to the Somali Nationals, who has suffered tremendously in every Ethiopian Regime?
There is a Somali proverb, which says: as the Prophet died, his death information was transmitted to all living creatures; a certain animal wanted to inform the bird: the animal said to the bird, “ hay bird, have you heard that the prophet has passed away”, the bird answered to the animal; “why should I care, at the time he was alive, I was eating the “Shit”, and I’ll be going to eat the shit, nothing will change about my life”.
Any reform or power-shift, or even a coup d’état in Ethiopia will never bring any positive aspirations, either politically and socially to the Somali People under the Ethiopian administration, the situation will be like usual; “sordid and depressing”, can even be expected worse to come. This dilemma can only be changed, when the Somali People engages by itself on the ongoing political struggle, that can and will determine their own fate and future, and this struggle will definitely bring the desired Freedom.
The Somali Regional Democratic Alliance urges the Somali People under the domination of the Ethiopian Authority; as united people, “let us take the political struggle for freedom”, and not back- up from its consequences: the intimidations and the burden of oppressions: It is a matter of “win the mate or lose the halter”; in another word; “make or break”.
The Somali Regional Democratic Alliance is confident; and says: “with united we can win”! Free all thé Somali Political Prisoners, Immidiatly!
The Somali Regional Democratic Alliance!