Alerte Alerte Alerte Sitti zone or shinille zone

The recently upraising crisis against the liyuu police and violence of the ogaden adminsyrations over the issa community started in Shinille zone areas and the other parts of Errer and Afdam districts.

As we all known, the administration of abdi mohamoud Omar of the Jigjiga regime is behind these persistent pressure and continous aresting the students and innocent civilians.

It is also important that the region’s skilled and educated youth have been expelled from their government jobs by the abdi mohamoud omar team.

We are also aware of the role of issa people in the somali regional state for the last 10 years and the federal government as well.

We are also well aware the few members in the regional estate of issa members are paralized and working for the sake of abdi mohamoud omar and his team.

In fact the sitti zone or shinile zone is locating the most strategic areas in the fileds of business and transportation
It is the central crossing roads and train routes of the goods coming from the djibouti port to all regions of ethiopia.
It is the hub of all the imports and exports for all the sectors of ethiopia.

It is also unfortunate that mohamoud omar and his relatives have put pressure on issa community and sitti region by aresting and looting our resources.
Abdi iiley has mentally and economically tortured the issa skilled and educated figures.

The ogaden regional estate assigned ignorant emoloyee and sent to shinile zone to do training,and looting
The abdi mohamoud omar stuffs sent to sitti zone led by grade eight and ten levels but equiped forged diplomas and degree assigned to lead and loot the sitti zone resources again increasing their depression aresting the youth and women

The issa community including the diaspora should follow the below commands

1- We should think about the recent shouting and aresting of our innocent people in sitti zone of somali regional estate.

2- We must conduct research of how they behave and what type of depression/violations liyu police did in sitti zone

3. We should make public consultations and planning to get free voice and equal rights of the same to all ethipians.

4 – We should connected and give the current situation footsteps to our diaspora and ugaas moustafa and his gandas.

5 – We must evaluate the role and general responsibilities of the branches of our governing body.

6. We must conduct a general assessment of the members of the various positions of the military and police forces.

7-We must develop a high standard evaluation of our role in this territorial watershed government.

8-We must carry out the study of the number of young dismissal jobs for the last ten years.

9- Our diaspora should prepare reports of killing,raping,torturing,violations and aresting the isse community in shinile zone as well as somali regional estate.

10- our diaspoea should submit the complaints to all embassis of ethiopia and also explain the current crisis in shinile zone.

We are also requsting the new prime minster of ethiopia Dr Abiy Ahmed to intervene this continous crisis and depression in shinile/sitti zone.
We are also requesting from Dr Abiy Ahmed to pass our message to the house of parleiment to make our own regional state calling „““ Issa Regional estate „““““like tigray and affar regional estates.

We are the real ethiopians and we believe our soveriegnity and our rights also.

All Human being was born in freedom and must be live in freedom till the end

Sitti diaspora
Osman Daher Rayalleh