The Communication of the Issa Community in Australia Open Letter.

Addressed to the government and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, as well as to the International Community
The Issa diaspora totally endorses and support the peace protest of the People of Shinilleh/Sitti for the struggle of justice, peace, the rights of respecting the human dignity, share of political participations, the promotion of democratic process, the applications of rule of law and constitutional reform for a new federal system; which gives every ethnical group their democratic rights to self-determination,
The Issa Diaspora totally objects the primitive form rule, governed by the system of totalitarian system of dictatorship led by the notorious murderer Abdi Illy and his clan’s government.
The people of Sitti Region got enough the political system based on prejudice and injustice, which is governed in the Somali Region under the Ethiopian Authority, especially in Sitti Region, led by the notorious-psychopath who is appointed as the president of the Somali Region by the TPLF. Abdi Illy ruled the Somali Region over 10 years with his Family Clan. He introduced the System called “Dib-Ucarasho”; meaning through inhuman oppressions and economic sanction to force the indigenous to displace and to evacuate them from their homelands,
The people of the Sitti Region is sending specifically this message to Abdi Illy and his government: The People of Sitty Region cannot tolerate any more the rule humiliations, intimidation, the inhuman oppressions of “Dib-Ucrasho”, imprisonment and mutilation of the innocent people in your prisons, especially in the “Jail-Ogden”.
The youth of the Sitty Zone are mostly unemployed, while Mr Abdi Illy has given the youth of his clan the opportunities and the access of work, either the top jobs of the government administrations, or in the private service of the Sitty Region.
He intentionally jeopardised the economic development of the Region, prohibiting the indigenous Citizens to promote commercial businesses, or agricultural developments. Through government decree he prohibited to the people of the Sitty Region to own Land for agricultural developments, or to build private houses of their own.
Educations system in the Region is very poor or inexistent. Only some family members who can afford financially, are able to send their children the schools in the big cities; but that is if they got the financial means; most of them are very poor people who cannot able to bring the financial means needed.
The sector of the health system is even worse. Except those leaving in towns or cities can visit a doctor. And mostly are private clinics or private physicians.
The roads and the system of infrastructure are archaic. To visit from one Village to the the next is an adventures travel.
The Issa Diaspora urges and demands the Federal government of Ethiopia to intervene urgently this barbaric act and to fulfil the political and social demands of the peace protesters in the Region of Sitty. The obligation Rights of the central Government is to protect the people from the atrocities of the psychopath; Abdi Illy and his notorious Liyu Police. Abdi Ily and his Liyu Police have started vast actions against the people of Sitty, of which currently the Liyu-Police of Abdi Ily operated a large scale of arresting the youths and elderly and tortured them inhumanly.
The Issa Diaspora of Ethiopian has full confidence to the federal democratic government of Ethiopia and its new Prime Minister Dr. Aby Ahmed to act urgently, not only by safeguarding and protecting the Ethiopian Citizens of the Region of Sitty, but to make an obligingness concession, by approaching the political and social demands of the peace movement, and also respecting the rights to exercise by demonstrating against injustice and the excessive force of Abdi Illy and his Liyu Police who wants to rule by any cost without caring human rights the dignity and the values of human lives.
The sitti Zone people are simply revealing their feeling of sorrowful and disconsolate against Abdi Illy and his bias government by demonstration peaceful.
The Sitti Zone people should not be silenced to voice their of unhappiness by peaceful demonstration.
As the name indicates democratic Ethiopian government should respect the rights of peaceful demonstration, as it is universally recognised practice, which is a signatories of United Nation chatter.
Issa Diaspora strongly condom the human right violation of Sitty Zone people by the dictator Abdi Illy and his liyu police who are impressing people who are exercising their rights by peaceful demonstration.
We urge the newly elected prime minster of Ethiopia honourable Abey Ahmed to exercise your leadership to intervene now the Sitty Zone crises to find solution before it turns into catastrophic ethnic conflict or civil war, which may lead to ethnic cleansing in wide scale

Issa Community in Australia