Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Dr Abiy Ahmed,


As I write these lines, I am fully aware that you may/may not read them. Also, I have nothing new to say. You have the nation’s intelligence services at your beck and call. The Director of Intelligence briefs you day in and day out. The Minister of defense awaits your command. The National Security Council is at your disposal. You have access as PM to all powers and kinds of information. As a commander in chief your commands are just one dial/click away.

At the snap of your signature and calls, you can save many unknown numbers of Somalis in our region from the tyranny of twenty first century secret collection camps in the region. Or, otherwise you can send flowers of peace and love to the known notorious tyrant president of the region Abdi Mohamoud Omer, there is no middle ground, it is all your choice.

In the diaspora many of us took to the streets cheering and celebrating once your premiership was confirmed, congratulating that long awaited radical change has finally come to Ethiopia and so will the Somali Region. Momentarily internet was back in Ethiopia and many of us were able to make calls and ask whereabouts of those disappeared folks, friends and relatives. For years the people from the region even stopped asking about their relatives, families and friends because either they will hear bad news or the people will not answer having the feeling of being watched and listened by the secret services of the government.

In Somali region the people celebrated in their homes and there was extraordinary friends and family visits, they don’t call each other they could not take their cheers to the streets and they celebrated SILENTLY as they used to mourn SILENTLY when their loved ones are killed. Whereas the regional president and his close ally corrupted Military generals shocked and could not believe what their ears were hearing. As usual they had to plan to muddle all the cheers by arresting more people and harassing intellectuals within the region and thereafter.

Your visit to Jijiga was applauded by all assuming that the collection camps will be closed for good, the prisoners will rejoin their families, the Liyu Police will be dismantled, the rapped women will be enabled to talk and justice will be served, murderers will be brought to justice, corruption …., etc. kind of endless list of basic rights not privileges. However, we are yet to see any of that happening

Roma was not built in a day and many of us are still waiting very patiently. Whereas some of us became more innovative and started sporadic peaceful demonstrations against the regional president and his surrogates. Nevertheless, he is trying to forcefully silent them by arresting and branding them anti peace elements. I don’t want to tell you all the incidents and his acts because as PM you know it.

My request is could the government please fast track the process of democratization in our region, because the more we wait the more people will die and therefor the less you protect them

Could the government please ensure that the people demonstrate peacefully as per their constitutional right so that they can bring about the change they want to

May justice prevail in our region


Mohamed Sh Omer