Open letter to,

– Amnasy international
– Human right watch
– United Nations Securty Council
– Europa union mission
– US Embassy in Addis Ababa

Subject: Mass murder of innocent Issa, Somali people in Madane kebele of Me’eso woreda, Somali region, Ethiopia

At juncture of Ethiopia federal government envisioned to ensure practical and genuine democratic reform, and respect of constitutional and human right that enshrined in the country’s constitution as well as at time international community applauded prime minister commitment for reform, but it’s very sad moment to witness massacre of innocent Somali region people at insight of federal military.
Last three days, federal military mechanized force in circled somali region village forcing them to surrender and forcefully collected thier light weapon. Mean while looting and beating also reported. Afterwards, seemingly orchestrated, Afar regional police attacked civilian who were unarmed after forcefully military intervention, murder 11 at spot at Madane kebele. Federal defence ministry is in complicite the murder of Poeple presumably to be protected as part of their citizen.
Federal defence ministry reform that aimed to materialized regular and protectorate of people has failed to execute their duty. More ever, it was a part of kidnapping and looting and arresting innocent Somali people with out legal procedure .
Ethiopia has been labelled cross human right abuse and press oppression for a decades. But in awakening of new dome of democracy and awarding of peace UNESCO award to prime minister, this massacre is black spot which need to be address by international community and bodies.
It will drag the hope of Ethiopia people and remaining as scare unless given proper attention and investigated vigourisely.
Afar regional people need to understand co existance of Somali and Afar people. Violence and mass murder never be solution to dispute.
Only lasting peace can be achieved through constitutional mean of solving dispute. Somali people still plea peaceful negotiation and settling of any dispute through peaceful manner.
We are urging international community and Ethiopia government partners and people to put pressure federal government to diligently address the issue and bring to justice those responsible the massacre of innocent people.
Somali region people value peace and co existance more than any other thing. While they are brave and never be surrender their right what ever hardship condition
Somali regional people are in.

Faithfully yours
– EFDR Prime Minister office
– EFDR Difence Ministry
– EFDR Peace Ministry
– EFDR Human right Commision

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Bild könnte enthalten: eine oder mehrere Personen

Karam Ali