Dear Prime Minister DR: Aby Ahmed

We, the diaspora of Sitti whom are located all around the world, are writing this open letter to the prime minister of Ethiopia.

We are concerned about our brothers and sisters who have been arrested in their town located in Western Sitti and handed over to the Afar administration in afar region by the Ethiopian federal army.

We, the diaspora of Sitti, want to remind you that we supported you when you came to power. We applauded you for releasing thousands of political prisoners, journalists and many ordinary people who were wrongfully imprisoned. We respected your dismissal of their criminal charges. We were impressed by the sacrifices you made to secure the freedom of innocent people and we celebrated you for it.

For the first time in many years we were optimistic about the future and destiny of our country. But that optimism has faded due to the oppression of the federal army against innocent people.

The federal army are wrongfully imprisoning people and handing them over to the Afar administration. We don’t know where these unfairly accused individuals are being kept or what their current situation is like.

These people did not commit a single crime. They were living peacefully in their territory when the federal army stormed their area and arrested notable figures in the community, like Osman Mire, an ambulance driver. He was arrested and handed over to the Afar administration and for what crime? Transporting sicks patients to the hospital.

We, the diaspora of Sitti, are concerned for Osman Mire’s safety. We wish to be made aware of his current situation and his whereabouts.

We have asked in every possible way for a justification on his imprisonment in an Afar prison. We have received no answer and till this day we are unaware of the crime he’s being accused of committing.

We are questioning why he is in an Afar prison instead of an Ethiopian one. Osman Mire alongside the other imprisoned people should be brought to the federal court and undergo a fair trial under the Ethiopian federal government. We have pleaded with government to do so.

But we were ignored.

Instead our brothers and sisters remain in Afar custody and are being kept in inhuman conditions. every day and night and they are still been humiliated to this day no one knows why this people have been detained and why they are remained in Afar prison.

We believe that is a violation of human right committed by the federal government against innocent civilian people and should be rectified as soon as possible.

Dear Prime Minister in your inauguration speech you acknowledged that since 1991 there has been a history of oppression and prejudice between races. You promised that you would eliminate this prejudice. You promised to improve democratic relations and defuse ethnic tensions. You promised to rightfully prosecute any state that violated human rights laws and to bring those who commit crimes to justice.

Where are your promises now?

Ethnic tensions have strongly intensified due to the Afar supported by federal army allowing guiltless people to get murdered. They have burnt homes to the ground and taken innocent lives, among them women, children and the elderly.

It was heartbreaking to see our people suffer under the previous government and its heartbreaking to see the suffering continue under this government too.

We, the diaspora of Sitti, implore you to consider the safety of our people and to heed our recommendations on this situation.

Our recommendations are as follows:

We ask for the immediate release of prisoners from Afar jails, the first of them being Osman Mire.
We ask for you to cease the federal army’s aggression against our people and to enforce the army to treat all Ethiopian people neutrally and without discrimination.
We ask for you to return the adhouf; adaytou, garaba issa and surrounding lands back to the Sitti region, as the previous government forcibly transferred it to the Afar administration without following the Ethiopian constitution.
Finally, we as that you let us feel like fellow Ethiopians by treating us with dignity.


The Diaspora of Sitt around the world.