Ayishaca Commemoration, a Show of Selbst-Profiling by the “Semi-Colonial-Somali-Contractors, who are assimilated to Ethiopianism?

This is Ridiculous, Hypocrisy and Crocodiles-Tear Event!
The Bloodshed of the Somali People is running till now, and they say no word about it. What is the intention behind this hypocrisy?
The massacre and the mutilation of the Somali People in Ayishaca was a collective act of Haile Selassie and President General De Gaul of France. It was a punishment of breaking-down and psychologically to demoralise the Somali Nationalism for the total Independence, both in Western Somalia and French-Somali-Coast, now Republic of Djibouti.
In the 60ies after the British-Somaliland got its independence from England in 26th of June 1960 and the Italian Somaliland got 1st of July 1960 and both former colonial States reunited at the same year as the Somali Republic.
In this epoch the Somali National feelings and the National Movements reached in its highest point. Somalia was advocating Internationally for the independence of the three States under the colonial forces, and to be united with the new Somalia.
Somalia involved with Ethiopia two Wars: the 1964 War and the 1977 War, and there were smaller and deadly clashes at the border areas between the two countries. In every military and political conflict with Somalia the Government of Ethiopia took its vengeance against the Somali Civilians in its Colonial Administration. The massacre and its extended Genocides, as well as individual liquidation shows as a form of a colonial-power of demonstrations, and it became a historical heritage from the reign of Haile Selassie on, till the present regimes, in which the Ethiopians and its regimes took it as a programme of usual grant; with the Motto: A killed Somali is a good Somali!

The State of Monster Swamp
As the TPLF/EPRDF took over the power, its supposition was/is to trace a Federal Political Programme in a Multi-Ethnical-State of Ethiopia. Instead, the Constitution it traced can only be described as a pedantic, a copy form from other counties with democratic-constitutional-federalism, and its application has contradicted the tradition of the totalitarian-feudal-system, that never being corrected through political education and political enlighten, because the political culture and its clarity was not considered and is absent in this System of the so called Ethiopian Federalism, and has transformed in its old system of the rigid-centralism.
In the Somali Region the Central Regime of Ethiopia established a Monster-Swamp-Somali-Semi-Colonial-Contractors (MSSSCC), who are oppressing and mutilating its own people on behalf of the Colonial-Master.
The political party; the so-called “Somali Democratic Party” of DDS (Somali Region) and its leadership has lost the credibility and the trust of the Somali People.
The DDS-Leadership is absent from and never took/takes part the ongoing political debates and discourse, in which other Ethnical Groups are actively involved: Especially on the federalism and language debate, especially making Amharic the “Mother-Language of Ethiopia. Therefore that shows the total poorness of the Intellectual Capacity of the Somali Leaders in the Somali Region of DDS.
For the reason of their permanent fear of losing the position as the “Colonial-Contractors”, they are busy in the programmes of intimidation, oppression and dividing the Somali People into Clan-segments.
Developing Projects, education and cultural promotions are alienated from their minds.
They always try to fool the Somali People with cheap theatrical events!
Now it was the Aiyshaca Commemorating Event, in which the government of Djibouti took the financial organisation of the event.
The reason the government of Djibouti became involved and gave into consideration about the GENOCIDE OF AIYSHACA, of which it was taboo and was prohibited to discuss about the matter, and to denounce and condmn the act of Ethiopia against the Somali People is a mystery.
The DDS-Leadership exploited the commemoration in order to divert the attention of the people by presenting itself as the government of the People.
The Speakers of the commemoration were not dared to denounce and condemn the inhuman act of Ethiopia against the Somali People in Aiyshaca and other places, in which the same inhuman atrocities have taken by which the Ethiopian Governments committed against the Somali People.
In the meantime there are ongoing bloodshed against the Somali People in many areas committed by the Ethiopian Security Forces, the Afar Liuyo-Police and the Oromo-Police and its Militia.
Why the so called DDS-Leadership do not want to renounce the actual atrocities, the prisoners, like the young activist Osman Mire and other 300 Somali Prisoners held in the Afar Prisons? And why are they hiding behind the Aiyshaca Commemoration, and trying to fool the Somali People?
The DDS-Leadership might think, it is the tactical way of deceiving and fooling the people with this commemoration, covering themselves with Mask on their faces, by hiding behind their mean and malicious faces.
You people, you might think that you can fool the people, but you are fooling yourselves!

Somali Regional Democratic Alliance