The Enemy I never Trusted

ESAT, a chauvinist ultra-right wing chanell, has nominated itself as the an elected authority that defines who is Ethiopian and who is not. In a report on October 14, 2019, referring to a new conflict between Afar and Somali regions, an emotional and untrained ESAT reporter could not hide his bias against Somalis.
After painting a fabricated gloomy story where Somalis attacked civilian Afars, he appealed to his audience to sympathize with „his Afar brothers,“ whose „even camels know that they are Ethiopuans.“ He went on to say „no one loves Ethiopia more than Afars.“
It was then that his two panelists, both ultra-right wing chauvinists bowed down to signify sorrowness for the Afars and silent scorn for the Somalis.
What is Orwellian is that Somalis welcomed owners of ESAT to Jigjiga as a small gesture to promote forgiveness and reconciliation. True to the Somali’s magnanimity, even generous gifts, or to borrow a fitting word from the Somali-Minnesotan author, „soryo,“ was extended to ESAT workers. One such „soryo“ beneficiary was a lady reporter who also had spread this anti-Somali propaganda.
As an individual, I reacted to this cruel and calculating menace to our being in the only way I know how to: If that is how these people view Somalis, why don’t they let them go free out of the Abyssinian colonial bondage?
As I write this commentary, the Minister for Peace of the federal government has dispatched especial forces to stabilize the conflict area.
While we welcome this nobel effort by the fed, we like to send a clear message – that two forces must not be allowed to take advantage of the Afar-Somali conflict. These two forces are TPLF and ultr-right wing forces who seem to have created faustian pact around this issue. TPLF arms and trains Afar soldiers and ESAT helps them with media probaganda.