Talking will not bring anything for our nation Tigray but Tigrayans in Diaspora

Talking will not bring anything for our nation Tigray but Tigrayans in Diaspora one side of the equation and Tigrayans at home Tigrayans on the other side of the equation will bring the real solution to our new born nation. The way to do is the followings for both of us:
•Diaspora Tigrayans must contribute hard currency to welcome our new nation of Tigray by buying our own telecommunication infrastructure with high speed fiber optic internet and Facebook as soon as possible. This is huge relieve for our Mengisti Tigray and we must do it now by organizing throughout the world immediately.
•Mengisti Tigray must reorganize our new education system without Amharic, and high standard and Tigray culture must be revived the way used to be pre Woyane. All Chat, Alcohol and night clubs must be closed and ban chat from Tigray soil immediately. Mengisti Tigray within minister of culture must create new guidance for our artists what is right and what is wrong for our society since the last 25 years so many unwanted Tigray culture is being diluted, culture make huge different for our progress as society specially for the new generation of Tigrayans to learn higher quality education and our work forces.
•Diaspora Tigrayans must not send money to home outside Tigray financial institutions, all Tigrayans must send money through Tigray banks and financial institutions. Mengisti Tigray must set up new international banking system from Tigray and all Tigrayan around the world to send money to Tigray banks and you can have enough access to hard currency to buy foreign capital goods and other things Tigray to function as a nation. No country created by a few but when everyone pitches a country can exist as a nation.
•Mengisti Tigray must put all energy on Afar to bring it and be a nation with us, it is not bad the Agew clans to join us in order to separate us from Amhara too. The other important Mengisti Tigray must put a strategy is a plan how to capture our looted lands of Qebo to Alowuha Melash River and north Gonder to Angareb River, both are the most critical for our future survivals. The north Gonder is cash crop producing regions and Qebo is food crop production and both looted lands will make us self-reliance and surplus food producing country instantly. We know there will be hinfishfish and choose the right time and go for it to regain them, it will take us weeks to do specially when Amhara and Oromo hit each other.